Humanimals enchants kids in Rye


If a stick insect donned a top hat and a cane, of course he would tap dance.  And naturally a hippopotamus would hang in a hop-hop crew.

Jason Coleman is at it again. He has written and directed another divine song and dance show – this time catering directly to kids.


I took up a pew with my squid to enjoy Cabaret Cathedral’s production of Humanimals where kids are taken on a captivating journey by all-singing, all-dancing wildlife who like to tap, lock, lunge and jive their way across the stage.


A visit to the theatre in the Mornington Peninsula’s town of Rye is a nod to classic coastal summer pantomime season.

There’s something rather sentimental about wandering past silent carnival rides to line up outside a theatre door on a sleepy morning,  purchasing lollies from the Candy Girl and excitedly waiting to find your seat inside the temporary summer theatre.

While Humanimals is aimed ideally at primary school aged kids with a clear ‘Take care of animals’ message, the show also caters to parents with painful puns and rib-poking spoofs. There’s Oprah on the couch interviewing gazelles,  George the Lizard singing Karma, Karma, Karma Chameleon and Polar Bears busting out Beyonce dance moves.


I won’t give it all away, but I will say that you need as many eyes in your head as the sequinned spider in her spinning web to take it all in.

Cabaret Cathedral’s urban theatre hosts the morning show from Thursdays – Sundays in Rye.


Having seen the show Razzle Dazzle several times this season, it’s hard to believe I’m watching the same cast. Where they are sensual and sizzling in evening performances of Razzle Dazzle, they are endearing and bubbly in their morning on-stage romp.


I’ve got a soft spot for anything the crazily talented Gareth Jacobs belts out. His jaunty ‘Song and Dance Man’ rendition while dressed as stick insect, and his cross eyed wise monkey impressions are show-stealers. There’s plenty of other moments to have the young audience clapping enthusiastically so I’ll let you discover the rest for yourself. Please do, it’s all rather adorable.


Half human, half animal – but all talent that’s for sure – right here for a summer season in Rye.

Humanimals is showing until 31st January, and tickets can be booked via Sticky Tickets.

Thanks to the talented Belinda Strodder for permission to use these lovely images.


Catch you on the next wave,
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