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Mornington Peninsula children’s author and Illustrator Julie Davey has launched a new mobile app encouraging positive approaches to problem solving and goal setting in young children.


The FabFirst5 app is an interactive app providing children with step by step coaching to shift their focus from problems to possibilities, and frame their day more positively.

An Australian creation, the app is a breakthrough tool for educators and families to include technology in guiding children through challenges.

The app assists children with emotional re-framing techniques and suggesting positive outlooks, visualizing approaches and coping mechanisms which encourage conflict resolution and personal self-worth.

The hero feature of the app is the Possibili-Tree as users are encouraged to ‘Turn worries into wishes, and problems into possibili-trees’.


Inviting the young user to record their personal challenges onto leaves of the Possilbili-Tree  the program demonstrates examples of how to manage problems and work through steps to consider more positive outcomes.

The FabFirst5 app is highly effective for mid to upper primary school users, teaching and mental health practitioners, counsellors and parents.


The app’s title refers to the premise that everyone can achieve positive possibilities from a positive outlook in the first 5 minutes of their day. The app can also work  in tandem with an optional support program The Fabulous First 5 Minutes Home pack with tailored resources and programs which can be purchased on-line and adds value for parents, teachers, and specialist staff as they address more challenging issues and concerns.

The FabFirst5 App icon

The app is targeted at 5 – 12 year olds and incorporates colourful illustrations and graphics delivered through a simple, easy to-follow interactive app for young minds to explore.

“For children to thrive, it helps if they can release worries, giving them the ‘head-space‘to consider other possibilities and solutions. I really believe this app helps kids, and parents become more responsible, resilient and conscious of opportunities available to them,”  said  Julie Davey.

Many kids feel more comfortable communicating through the screen, and the app is an ideal tool to enhance the teaching and counselling of experienced staff and parents as they reach out to kids and work through issues together. The app allows for a personalised approach in addressing the challenges children face in their own lives so that they feel empowered with logical steps and visualizing approaches.

The Fab First 5 app is available from iTunes for 99 cents. It is compatible for IOS versions starting from 4.3 to 7 and optimized to work in iPad and iPad Mini and iPhone 4s and 5.

You can follow the very inspiring Julie Davey and her other endeavours on facebook at, twitter at AforAttitude or by visiting


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