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My Rates & how I work

I work at an hourly rate for copywriting & content creation

My no-fuss copywriting and communications won’t send your bank account backwards. I usually work at an hourly rate, and at my cracking pace you’ll find it’s a more affordable approach. Why? Well you’re only paying for the time I spend writing copy or content strategies. If I quote on fixed prices, I need to factor in those surprise factors, those worst-case scenarios and unlikely challenges. In a clamshell, my hourly rate costs YOU less!

I develop a quote to suit your individual needs

It’s difficult for a copywriter to give a definitive cost for service. Most jobs vary and have differing complexities. However, I know the money you are investing in your communications often comes from a rather lean bread-and-milk buying budget, and I offer a range of services to suit all budgets. I like to set YOUR mind at ease by providing you with a written quotation, and an update along the way of how we are travelling.

All you need do is simply contact me with your requirements and I am more than happy to provide a quote and a follow-up phone chat. Presuming that the scope of the job does not change, your quote amount should also stay the same.

My fees include research, phone chats, the actual writing time and a round of revisions.

Your Coastal Connection does offer discounted copywriting and communication rates to charities and not-for-profit organizations. Contact me to discuss my rates.

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Fancy a fixed price?

Well sure, we can talk that through. Even though I prefer to work at an hourly rate, and it is a little pricier to factor in unforeseen risks, my bank account and I are always open to negotiation. And yes, I AM open to retainer work, but it may cost you a nice lunch along the way!

If you’ve still got an itch I haven’t scratched, read on and you may find what you’re looking for in my Search and Rescue Packages

How long does it take me to write?

I know it’s helpful to have an idea of considerations before requesting a quote. As a general rule here’s a rough guide for research and writing (estimates only):-

  • Web Copy: 3 – 6 hours for a Homepage page of approx 300 – 400 words and 2 – 3 hours for sub-pages.
  • Blogs: 2 – 3 hours per post approx 350 words.
  • Newsletters: 3 – 5 hours for a 4 page A4 newsletter.
  • Standard Press Release: 2 – 3 hours (plus distribution).
  • Journal Articles: 3 – 5 hours (400 words).
  • Tip Sheets: 3 – 5 hours for a tip sheet (400 words).
  • Brochures & Fliers: 3 – 8 hours.
  • Content Calendar Creation: 6 – 10 hours for research, content copy development, scheduling recommendations, and reference links (for a 12 mth calendar).
  • Social Media Profiles: 4 – 6 hours for development of profiles, application set-ups, start-up images and copy, as well as like/ follow recommendations list.
  • Press Ad Copy: 2 – 3 hours

How do we confirm it all?

Once we have settled on the details, then I can estimate the time it will take. You will receive a custom quote and scope of works contract with a timeline to suit your needs.

My scope of works proposal will feature my understanding of your needs, recommendation for tone of copy and content referencing, the approximate number of words or pages, projected timeframes and number of drafts, and all the other inclusions and exclusions we need to put on the table.

My contract is full of all the necessary terms and conditions so that we can all walk away happy in the knowledge that you’ll get great service, and I’ll get paid

How do you pay me?

Thanks for asking! I charge a flat 50% fee up front,  so that we are both committed right from the get-go. Crafting copy takes time, energy and passion . .  but sadly, there’s a few cowboys out there who don’t quite value the skill set of copywriting or content crafting. This surety also ensures that we are BOTH on track to get your job finished!

You can pay via bank transfer or cheque and all banking information is provided to you in my original scope of works proposal and quote.

Now what?

Well, we talk. Or rather, you talk, I listen.

One of the greatest skills a copywriter and content creator can have is to be an active listener.
I take copious notes, I pick your brains, I prod your heart, I unleash your business beast! I ask questions, and when you come up for air . . . I ask more questions. I don’t have the answers to your business or cause . . . YOU DO . . . but I help you tell your stories.

During this process I work to a detailed copywriting brief so that I can help shape where to from here.
Don’t be surprised if you see me drooling at this stage…this is where I get hungry to start writing!

Contact me to receive a quote.

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