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With a sound Public Relations background I frequently engage with journalists who are seeking stories. I know what they need, and I know they are busy. My job is to streamline the information, and to present it to them in journo-speak, while providing them with timely photo opportunities, interview talent, samples and background information.

From a product launch to a funding announcement, or a simple “Hey the community should know this” media release, I’ve enjoyed a pretty good success rate at getting them through!

I don’t just stop at creating copy and crafting stories. I really do love seeing a client gain success with cross connections in other forms of media as well.

There’s industry magazines, targeted Facebook sites, specialist portfolio journalists, community newsletters …oh don’t get me started! I can take your story FURRRRRTHER! (did you hear that echo?)

If you are looking for a good old nuts and bolts PR strategy and implementation, then I can do off-line too.

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Andrea_SignThe Coast Writer is Andrea Rowe, a content crafter, copywriter and communications specialist. Owner of a boutique PR and copywriting business which helps clients find the right words to tell their story and make connections, Andrea is a sand-between-the-toes kind of gal. Row your dinghy over to or call out Ahoy there on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Instagram. 

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